Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card Details
are provided below, in any confusion please ask us in facebook page mentioned below. (Page is "Baba Computers, Pokhara)

1) Trying something new . . . 
2) Your phone registered in our client record book is your "Loyalty Card I.D"
3) After you spend certain amount for service/product in our store, then some loyalty points will be assigned to your "Loyalty Card I.D". 
4) Also Cashback will be provided (after certain total amount spent. Ask details in store or facebook page).
5) Loyalty points and Cashback are two different awarding system.

How to get "Loyalty Card I.D." of Baba Computers Pokhara ?

Simple : Once you are our 1st customer, your "Loyalty Card I.D." will be activated instantly. You will get all information in store itself.

Is card paid or free ?

Right now, FREE.

What about previous customers ? There I.D. will be activated automatically?

No, you have to visit store and inform us about your last visit. We will verify and then card activation process will be carried out.

What about refer system ?

Simple, you refer someone with your I.D. and Name. (Your I.D. will get extra Loyalty Points)

Note : This program is in its initial state. So please, your feedback is welcome.