Invite us : For Cybersecurity Awareness Program (in school/college) Pokhara

We are providing cybersecurity awareness seminar/program in schools/colleges (Pokhara) . If your school or college is interested in this program for your students, then invite us. This program is Free of Cost. Only available in Pokhara.

Contents :

1. Welcome and Introduction
   - Introduction 
   - Importance of cybersecurity in today's world

2. Understanding Cyber Threats
   - Overview of common cyber threats (viruses, malware, phishing)
   - Real-life examples and consequences

3. Personal Cyber Hygiene
   - Password management and creating strong passwords
   - Importance of software updates and patches
   - Two-factor authentication

4. Social Media Awareness 
   - Risks associated with oversharing
   - Recognizing and avoiding online scams
   - Privacy settings and their significance

5. Safe Browsing Habits
   - Identifying secure websites (HTTPS)
   - Recognizing and avoiding suspicious links
   - Importance of parental controls

6. Digital Responsibility
   - Responsible online behavior
   - Cyberbullying awareness and prevention

7. Q&A Session 
   - An opportunity for students to ask questions and clarify doubts
   - Discussion on real-life scenarios

8. Resources and Next Steps
   - Recommended cybersecurity resources for further learning
   - Encouraging students to share their knowledge with peers.

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Invite us : For Cybersecurity Awareness Program (in school/college) Pokhara

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